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  • Doctor: Okay so what's wrong how you feeling?
  • Me: *looks at mom for her to explain*

Anyone know a good online website where I can watch movies?

Just need a good online website where I can watch good quality movies withOUT having to do any kinds of survey or downloading! Answer fast!

cheesemilkhookeriana: Could you follow me back ? (:

sure followed!


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169 followers, hey.

I still don’t get questions though. ask me stuff! i’ll be glad to answer! 


message me peeps! anything. :)

Hey all you tumblr people/ what’s going on?

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Anonymous: ur blog doesn't suck ass. Anons are fuking stupid

they don’t bother me at all  :D

Anonymous: thank sweet baby jesus that I'm not following you cause your blog sucks some serious ass.

too bad no one cares.